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A Brief History of Rich Farms

Mike Rich grew up on Grant Street in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. His father, Sam Rizzo, immigrated from Italy, and the name Rizzo was shortened to Rich at Ellis Island. After returning from the war, Mike and his father purchased a tract of land near Smithfield. PA. In 1949, they began clearing the land and cleaning the old farm house that was on the property and over the next few years the two men began growing vegetables beginning with tomatoes.

In 1954, Mike married Lydia Cellurale from Dunbar, Pennsylvania and they continued to raise crops and sell the fresh vegetables under the tree below the farmhouse. Ralph Rich, Mike’s brother, and his war bride Gene moved to the farm and worked with the family for the next two years. Later, Ralph and Gene moved to San Antonio, Texas to raise their family as Ralph made the military his career working for the CIA.

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DID YOU KNOW? According to studies conducted by NASA, tropical house plants inside your home act as natural air filters and improve air quality.

DID YOU KNOW? Studies show that exposure to plants can lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, and reduce stress.

TIP OF THE DAY! Plan and design your garden in detail. Group plants with the same water requirements and determine proper light requirements.

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